A thriving organization at the cultural crossroads of nature and hospitality

Centrally located at the gateway to the Adirondacks, Turning Stone Enterprises is a thriving organization at the crossroads of nature and hospitality. With a deep connection to nature and a spirited tradition of world-class service, our diverse portfolio of brands and businesses delivers exceptional experiences from the heart of this verdant state.


The name Turning Stone was chosen to evoke the strength and stability of something that is inherent to the earth yet can also evolve itself and the area around it in dynamic, progressive ways. What began as a turning point and cultural rebirth for the Oneida Indian Nation has grown to spread prosperity and opportunity throughout Central New York. In 2023, what had originally been Oneida Nation Enterprises became Turning Stone Enterprises in recognition of the pivotal role of the flagship brand.


Turning Stone Enterprises provides exceptional experiences that routinely exceed the diverse expectations of our community and beyond, driving meaningful impact and economic support for the Oneida Indian Nation and the entirety of Central New York. More than a mission, this work is also our passion.

Our vision for our enterprise, our people and our community

We envision a world where Turning Stone Enterprises influences and contributes to the well-being and prosperity of the Oneida people, our team members, and every single individual living in Central New York.

Our values drive all that we do

Oneida First

We develop and secure resources to create a prosperous and sustainable future for the Oneida people unto the seventh generation. Above all we provide Oneida members opportunities to achieve their highest potential in education, physical and mental health, and economic self-sufficiency.

Empowerment of People

We believe in empowering our team members. By providing opportunities for learning and career growth, we recognize and reward outstanding performance, and encourage our team to take ownership of their work and make meaningful connections that deepen our roots across all of Central New York.

Fearless Adaptability

We understand that our world is competitive and change is inevitable, so we commit to staying ahead of the curve by embracing new ideas and approaches. Knowing creativity, adaptability, and innovation are the keys to our growth and success, we encourage a culture of unbridled imagination.

Light at Heart

We believe that fun is a fundamental human need, and by embracing it in all aspects of our work, we can create a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Atmospheres of excitement and positivity is what we create, both internally for our team and externally for our guests.

Extraordinary Experiences

We are steadfast in our commitment to quality in every service we offer. From creating moments of joy and relaxation to providing specialized amenities and convenient essentials, our dedication to delivering unparalleled service makes us the most trusted name within our community and beyond.

Devotion to our Homelands

We hold a deep devotion to the Oneida homelands and are committed to preserving them for future generations. We understand that sustainability, environmental stewardship, and responsible resource management are crucial to achieving this goal and strive to integrate sustainable practices into all new and existing aspects of our operations.


Ray Halbritter


Ray Halbritter is the Representative of the Oneida Indian Nation and the Chief Executive Officer of Turning Stone Enterprises. The grandson of an Oneida leader and son of a nurse, he went from an impoverished community to graduating from Syracuse University and then Harvard Law School. His experience embodies the resurgence of the Oneida people under his leadership – one which has been hailed as a national model for sustainable, diversified and self-sufficient economic development.

Halbritter used his education to help his people and his community, building the first major enterprises on Oneida homelands. Under his leadership, Oneida Indian Nation became the first American Indian government in 1979 to offer gaming operations on Sovereign lands. This turning point marked the birth of what would become a thriving and diverse enterprise. Its flagship brand, Turning Stone Resort Casino, today draws more than 4.5 million visitors a year as the fifth largest tourist attraction in New York and the state’s most awarded resort.

Recognizing its role as the cornerstone of the organization and its most public face, in 2023 Halbritter evolved the parent company name from Oneida Nation Enterprises (ONE) to Turning Stone Enterprises. With it he announced a $370 million investment in Turning Stone, marking an exciting new period of growth for Turning Stone and the entire Central New York region.

Read Mr. Halbritter’s full bio to learn more about his various achievements.


From world-class hospitality and entertainment to recreation and gaming, technological innovations to proprietary product lines, it’s in our nature to do business in ways that enrich the lives of our guests, our team members, our community, and the Oneida people.

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